Thanksgiving 2015


Happy Thanksgiving

I know there are many in the US who do live on the edge of tragedy most every day. But I don’t think I am not ignoring or diminishing their plight to say that overall we are blessed to be safe, secure and sustained at a level that exceeds most of the world. I am grateful for that and don’t take it for granted.

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The Receptionist – A Short Short Story



My back and leg were hurting.

Chapter One

I chose my chair deliberately so I could draw the receptionist, who had an interesting look.

Chapter Two

I showed her the drawing after I had it partially finished. She thought it was cool.

Chapter Three

I came back again because my back and leg were still hurting.

Chapter Four

I sat in the same chair and continued my drawing.

Chapter Five

I showed it to her when I was done. She thought it was cool.

Chapter Six

I went home and painted it.

Chapter Seven

I saw her at the race expo and told her I had finished it.

Chapter Eight

She gave me her email address so I could send her the link to this blog post.

Chapter Nine

I wrote this story, posted it and sent her the link.


Her reaction was…

The End

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Apples and Seeds – Kindness 101


Countable Seeds

I have 4 daughters. Those are the seeds I can count.

I have coached over 1,000 runners. Those are seeds I can count.

I have produced hundreds of pieces of art over the years. Those are seeds I can count.

Uncountable Apples

My daughters have had many relationships, travels, experiences, jobs, homes, discussions, and interactions. I can’t count those.

My runners have run in many locations and over many distances. They have talked to many people about running and our program. I can’t count those.

My art has been seen, shared, bought, displayed, discussed, printed, and talked about by millions (yes, millions) of people.  I can’t count those.


Faith means knowing it’s not the amount of countable seeds that matter, it’s the uncountable apples, filled with love and kindness, that do.

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Good Manners – Political Correctness #1


The Good PC

I believe in good political correctness.  That doesn’t mean I believe people shouldn’t be free to say what they think. It means I believe that if a group of people say they are offended by something then I am going to take a look at it.  If I can be more respectful of my fellow citizens then I am going to be. If African Americans are offended by the Confederate flag being flown, I am all for having it taken down. Why? Because my fellow citizens don’t deserve to be offended on purpose.

The Bad PC

I do not believe in bad political correctness. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in being sensitive and respectful, I do.  What it means is I believe people can hold an opinion that is in the minority and not also be an evil or bad person.  I will not condemn them for holding an opinion I do not agree with. If the circumstances are right, I will disagree with them and argue as persuasively as I can against their opinion.  But I am not going to declare they are ineligible for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because of it.  They also are not ineligible for making a living, having a family, being accepted into society.


There are limits to that position.  For example, if a teacher does not believe the Holocaust occurred and tries to teach it to my children, I will do everything I can to have them removed.  They are still free of course to believe it, but I am not willingly going to allow them influence over my children. But as I argue against them being employed by the school district I will still use good manners and treat them with civility.

Manners and Grace

Every person has an opinion you disagree with. The friend you invite into your home should be known to not be a terrorist, I agree.  But they can’t be vetted for every possible disagreeable position they hold before you invite them in. If they were vetted in such a way, guess what? They won’t accept your invitation to visit because they will see you as a self-righteous, judgmental jerk, which is what you will have proven yourself to be.

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