Short Short Stories From the Cemetery

The Super Hero



Earlier during my cemetery walkabout, right as the sun went down, I happened upon a lone superhero starting her overnight vigil overlooking the city. She was strong and disciplined. I asked her how she got to be a superhero. She said she always wanted to be one and found that the local university had it as a major. She graduated in 3 years with a major in SuperHero Studies and a minor in Civil Engineering. Her day job is with the Army Corp of Engineers.




The Zombie Pirate Queen





During my cemetery visit I also met the Zombie Pirate Queen. She was desperately looking for something more to eat. I pointed her in the direction of downtown, telling her the bar scene was hopping there and she should find someone to her liking. She thanked me and ran off, but not before giving me her business card, telling me to let my wife know she sold Avon on the side and could give her a free makeover.



The Night Ninja




I was taking a leisurely midnight stroll around the cemetery when I saw Jack and the Night Ninja doing a bit of competitive grave robbing. I told them they could get a lot more work done if they worked cooperatively instead, which they did. In the end they made their deadline and planned to meet later at IHOP for breakfast.





The Night Ninja skulked around me for a while after she was done grave robbing. She wanted to know why I was taking photographs and if I worked for the NSA. I told her no, but I was lying. I finally got her off my back when I gave her a coupon I had to Ulta and told her they had a 50% off sale on eyeliner.







Unfortunately for the Night Ninja she never did get to have breakfast at IHOP with Jack. She instead met her demise at the hands of the Corpse bride who, in spite of being all in white, surprised the Night Ninja while she was checking her Snapchat. The Bride had just been left at the alter and hadn’t eaten all day so Night Ninja had an unfortunate end.


Sally and Jack




I met Sally in a corner of the cemetery where she was waiting for her blind date. She had been set up by her Sorority sister, Drusilla, with her younger brother. She was quite scared of being alone in the cemetery and was happy to know there were others around. When her date, Jack, showed up out of the dark, hand first, she got so scared she peed a little.




Later in the evening I saw Sally and Jack enjoying a romantic moment sitting on a tomb.  Jack had a big smile but Sally was worried about finding a bathroom.




The Lady in Black




When I arrived at the cemetery she was the first person I came across.  But she said nothing, she just looked watched me as I passed.  Wherever I went, she was nearby, ever silent, ever watching.  After the night was over I finally got up the nerve to talk to her.  I asked her what she was doing in the cemetery.  She stared at me intently, never blinking and said, “I am your eternal witness that these events were real.”



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Buffers and Blinders – Conscience #1


It’s been weighing on my conscience to do a series on Conscience so here is #1


Conscience #1



Some say humans would not be moral without God, that that is where our conscience comes from. I don’t tend to believe that, I think many non-believers are quite more and conscientious.  But I do think there is a basic understanding of right and wrong in most of us (barring mental illness for the most part) and that we know when we aren’t doing right.  We may quickly rationalize not doing right, after all most of organized humanity has rationalized incredibly immoral behavior, but deep down we know what we are doing is wrong.  

Guilty Before or After?

Not wrong enough to change mind you, but wrong enough that if you get caught you will immediately be repentant and contrite, apologizing profusely.  Yes, you are doing all that because you got caught, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling the immorality of what you did. It’s just that the switch was turned on for you to feel that immorality without the buffers and blinders of your rationalization.


So, where does our conscience come from? Is it inherent or learned, from a God / spirit being or society or?

What do you think?


Drawing by Marty Coleman

Quote by H. L. Mencken,  1880-1956, American journalist and critic




Tonight I am going to be part of CHiTCHaT&11. It is a program put on twice a year by the Young Architects Forum of the AIA of Eastern Oklahoma.  The post care below explains how it works.

This is the reason I did the drawings on Architecture last week. I am showing them in my presentation.


CHiTCHaT postcard


I have been practicing my timing yesterday and today. Luckily the slides automatically advance so I don’t need to worry about going to long. I just need to work on fitting everything I want to say into 20 seconds per slide!

If you are out and about feel free to come by and sit in on our presentations!


Here are the Architects and historians I’ve written about so far:




Here are some of the products available from this presentation









Nissi at Starbucks – Sketchbook


Yesterday I posted a napkin drawing of Nissi, who I met and drew at Starbucks while waiting for my car to be serviced. Here is the other drawing I did of her, this one in my actual sketchbook.


Nissi at Starbucks


After I had finished the first drawing on a napkin I showed it to her and asked her if I could draw her again, this time in my regular sketchbook.  Nissi was very kind to allow me to draw a second drawing.  I gave her my card and told her the drawings would be up on my site in a few days. Hopefully she will come see them.


Drawing by Marty Coleman



The New Napkin Sketchbook – Drawing #1, Nissi at Starbucks


Almost a year ago someone sent me a link to a cool site that was selling an actual napkin sketchbook.  I tried to buy one then but they had just sold out and had not made any new ones yet. I forgot about it until recently when I was going through old emails and saw one from that store.  I wrote back and found they had them in stock and off I went to order it.


Nissi at Starbucks

Nissi at Starbucks



My first opportunity to use it was, no surprise, at a Starbucks while my car was being serviced.  I love drawing in coffee houses because you are going to find people who are still.  They are engrossed in their world and that makes for unconscious poses, expressions, postures, and habits.  I found Nissi studying and she became my model for the day.  I drew her on one of the napkins that came with the sketchbook. They are cocktail napkins, smaller than my usual lunch napkins and absorbent in a different sort of way.  I also drew her in my regular sketchbook and will show that one to you when it is complete.



The Sketchbook


Nissi at Starbucks and sketchbook


Here is the drawing right after it was done in the coffee house. Since the napkins aren’t attached to the sketchbook I took mine out to draw on it. I am sure others do it the other way but I need a harder surface underneath than a pile of napkins.



Here is the sketchbook closed.




And here it is open





The company selling the sketchbooks is Baum-Kuchen, located in the Glassell Park area of Los Angeles.  They have this and other cool products, some of which would be perfect for a Christmas gift. I plan on shopping online at their store in the future.


Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 9.11.56 AM

Screenshot of the Baum-Kuchen Napkin Sketchbook page


You can find them online at this location:



Drawing by Marty Coleman

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