There is Something About a Closet

So, the question is, when is it safe or sane to let your skeleton out for a while, or forever?

The skeleton doesn’t have to be brought out as a rotting carcass either. It can be dressed up or even disguised, it doesn’t really matter. All it wants is to get a little fresh air.

Perhaps you can bring it out in the form of a poem, or a painting. Perhaps a short story. Perhaps a script or a memoir or a cartoon.

Why not just bring the skeleton out in all its grotesqueness? It is good to bring it out just as it is sometimes. But there are other times when that same skeleton resides in two or three closets and for you to bring it out of yours will force it out of theirs too. Could end up a good thing, but it could be terribly disrespectful and hurtful as well. It isn’t all about you, it is about others as well.

Take a look in your closet, be creative and respectful about how to bring your skeleton out. The more creative you are about it, the more positive the experience will be.

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