I should take a pic of day #5 of ‘Photography Week’ at The Napkin Dad Daily

In photography or any other medium an artist is the one who is not trying to copy.  They have in their head a vision, an idea, a concept, an attitude that compels them to create something out of it all.  Something that is not just a news record of a person or event or place.
If they don’t have anything in their head when they start the process they know how to find it.  They find it by being curious and fearless, by going places not easily arrived at, looking at things not easily seen, asking questions not easily asked. 
What they come up with may start with the scene or person in front of them but it goes well beyond that to include who they are as well.
Here are some portraits I have done that I think are more about me than about the sitter.
The Woman in Dallas Let Her Hair Down – 2009

The Storm Inside

The Journey to the Interior

Drawing and photographs by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily
Quote by Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900, Irish writer and raconteur

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