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This is an unexpected addition to my ‘Artists I Love’ series.  I want to introduce you to a very special woman. Nina Levy contacted me a few months ago to express her appreciation for The Napkin Dad Daily blog. She explained that she also draws on napkins for her sons but she downplayed their value compared to mine.  I went to look at her work and, of course, they were magnificent!  Incredibly beautiful renditions of popular culture and personal images that are wonderful expressions of love for her children.


Nina Levy article

Screen capture from the New York Time blog article


I got a call from a reporter, Liz Robbins, at the New York Times this past week. She said she was doing an article about Nina and her napkin artwork and had been referred to me by Nina.  Liz wanted a bit of background about me and my napkin drawings and I was included in the article towards the end as another example of someone working in Nina’s genre.  What an exciting surprise to get the call and be included.

Here is the link to her Daily Napkin blog.


Screen capture of Nina’ blog.


As is the case with me, Nina leads a double life. She is a napkin artist for her sons at night, but a world class sculptor and photographer during the day. I went out to investigate that side of her and found she isn’t just a kindred napkin soul with me but a kindred artist as well. Check out the video below to hear her talk about her 2011 exhibition and you will be amazed.


Nina Levy

Still from a gallery discussion of her exhibition


Not knowing of any napkin connection, I had seen her work from a distance earlier in the 2000s and was mightily impressed.  She is the type of artist I just love. Visually compelling, emotionally courageous and intellectually deep. She is an artist of the very highest caliber, one of the great portrait artists working today.

Here is her website as well. 


nina levy website

Screen capture of Nina’s website home page


If you google ‘Nina Levy artist’ you’ll be able to see a huge array of her work over the years.


Fall/Winter 2016

Winter/Spring 2015

Summer 2014

Winter 2012/2013

Winter 2011/2012

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