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Short Short Stories From the Cemetery

The Super Hero   Earlier during my cemetery walkabout, right as the sun went down, I happened upon a lone superhero starting her overnight vigil overlooking the city. She was strong and disciplined. I asked her how she got to be a superhero. She said she always wanted to be one and found that the […]

Two Freckled Women Talking – A Travel Napkin

This is what I do when I am traveling and can’t find anyone to draw while I eat breakfast.   Like this:Like Loading…

In The City – Journey to Blog World #8

My first travel napkin of my trip to speak at Blog World in NYC. I did the usual thing when you are alone at a social media conference and tweeted to the Blog World crowd asking who wanted to get a bite to eat before the opening party. Rzaz, Sus, and Apdo responded and off […]

Procrastination Positive – Journey to Blog World #6

See, I told you procrastination was a good thing…Wait, I MEANT to tell you but I didn’t get around to it, sorry. Type P vs Type A It’s true, for all the angst and wringing of hands over procrastination it’s really important to discern when you are being a ‘procrastinating’ person and when you are […]

The Dying and the Undone – Journey to Blog World #4

I put it off as long as I could, but it’s day #4 of the Procrastination series and of my journey to Blog World NY to talk about it. Dying and the Worst Fear When I think about dying my worst fear is that all the artwork I have done over the decades will be […]

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