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What Are You Scared Of?

Is It What It Is? Do you investigate what you are afraid of? Do you purposely move towards it to find out what it is really all about?  Read the story below for a great example. The Naked Waitress and the Cop Back in the 80s and 90s I taught beginning drawing and figure drawing […]

Teaching is the Greatest Act of Optimism – Optimism/Pessimism #3

Thank you to all the teachers for being the personification of optimism alive and well in the world. Drawing and single sentence by Marty Coleman, who had a cowlick as a kid. Quote by Colleen Wilcox

The Stork Theory – Creation vs Evolution #2

Creation vs Evolution Week is evolving… The argument for Creation Science is ‘WOW, life is so incredible, there just has to be a designer.’  That is not science, that is awe.  Awe is good, but it isn’t the end of an investigation, it’s the beginning.  However, if you start your investigation with a foregone conclusion […]

Don’t Waste Time – Back To School #5

  Day #5 of ‘Back to School’ week at The Napkin Dad Daily I love doing home improvement project, but one of the down sides of doing them is that I am an amateur. I don’t have 20 years experience building fences or putting up guttering or cleaning carburators on lawn mowers (all things I […]

Surviving Formal Education – Back To School #4

  Day #4 of ‘Back to School’ week at The Napkin Dad Daily Can you find the ‘mistake’ that made this drawing come to fruition? What do you think it is? Teachers, do you say no a lot?  Parents, do you?  Double check when and why you say it just to make sure you aren’t […]

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