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It’s Randumb #1

Do you think this statement is true? _______________ Drawing, quote and question by Marty Coleman, who was pretty random this morning. _______________   __________________ Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who Like this:Like Loading…

Let Mystery Have Its Place In You

  Mystery of Self by The Napkin Dad I went to my wife’s Aunt Marilyn’s funeral yesterday.  The person giving the personal remembrance briefly mentioned how she met her future husband, Bill, when he happened to jump in the car she was riding in during college.  Of course, that didn’t guarantee they would get together. […]

Coincidence is the Word

It’s no coincidence that I drew about coincidence today. Coincidence is the Word by NapkinDad J.C.U. 1987 Part 1: I remember Jackie from my days working at Eulipia Restaurant in San Jose, California.  We, along with our many co-workers,  work intensely hard under incredible stress then hang out and relax after the shift.  We do […]

The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows – Part 2

  I came down to the dining area at the hotel in Waco.  I saw a young woman with great, fun, spikey hair sitting down with someone who looked like her mother and a friend. I went and found a guest napkin & drew them.  The mother had copper eyeshadow, and I love copper eyeshadow […]

>The Village of Serendib

> I love the idea of Serendipity as being an actual place, the exotic land ofSerendib, that you can’t get to without losing your way first. Sort of likeShangri-La or Brigadoon. The truth is it is a wonderful place, where youfind incredible love and joy and fulfillment and peace. You can be in andout of […]

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