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Whose in Charge, Big Head or Little Head? – Dating 101 #1

  Doing the marriage series last week made me contemplate what leads to marriage, which is dating, of course. So this week I am presenting a most helpful and informative teaching series on dating. Chime in with your hints and tips.     The Head in Charge Women, I am about to tell you something […]

Spirit and Flesh – The Prostitute #4

Prisons are built with stones of law, and brothels with bricks of religion

Training Boys or Limiting Girls – Rape Culture

    I got into a long and deep discussion today on FB over a story on ABC News/GMA about girls not being allowed to wear strapless dresses to a middle school prom because they were deemed ‘too distracting’ by the principal of the school.  Click on the pic or link to read the story. […]

50 Shades of Appropriateness – Censorship #3

I think it is appropriate that it is Censorship series #3 Disapproving but Indulging Being a photographer who often photographs women I have made a habit of checking those who favorite or comment on my photographs on Flickr, where I show them for the most part.  My rule is that if the person has a […]

SEX – The Week in Review

This week I am posting series I have done in the past.  This is my Sex Series from July, 2010. While you enjoy your sex I will be continuing to upgrade and redesign my blog so it’s more valuable to you! As a matter of fact if you have something you have always wanted to […]

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