The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows – Part 2


I came down to the dining area at the hotel in Waco.  I saw a young woman with great, fun, spikey hair sitting down with someone who looked like her mother and a friend. I went and found a guest napkin & drew them.  The mother had copper eyeshadow, and I love copper eyeshadow on almost anyone. Haven’t ever really figured out why, but I do.  I know, the color of her eye shadow in the drawing isn’t copper, so sue me.  This story has nothing to do with this drawing.

As I was drawing a woman asked if she could borrow one of the chairs at my table. They sat at the table next to me and I overheard them talking about the big Baylor Sing competition of the night before.  My daughter was in the same event so I asked them what they thought of it.

We got into a friendly discussion about the various acts, which were good, bad, ugly, etc.  It turns out their daughters were also in the competition (they were in acts that we ranked very high, so that was good).  I mentioned that I was an artist and I didn’t think enough attention was paid to the visuals of set design, costumes, etc. in the judging.  They said they noticed I had been drawing and I explained about ‘The Napkin Dad’, and told them about this website/blog.  I gave them my card.

My wife showed up so I went to help fix a plate of food for our daughter, still upstairs getting ready.  When I came back my new friends were laughing and cracking up about something. They had just gone to my site on their iPhone and said, ‘You won’t believe it, but Hilary, the girl with the wonderful eyebrows?  We have known her since she was 6 months old, she is one of my daughter’s best friends.’

I brought out the drawing I did of Hilary and they took a photo to immediately send to Hilary’s mother back in Phoenix.  I like this story.  Life is good sometimes and it makes me happy.

Here is the link to Part One



Drawing and story by Marty Coleman 

The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows – Part One



Today I am in Waco, Texas visiting my daughter.  I am hanging out at Common Grounds, a coffee spot right off the Baylor campus.  I am watching the parade of students come in, order their drinks and go back out to their next class.  The woman serving, Hilary, has beautiful eyebrows she is not sure she likes. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t.  I like them, and told her so.


Hilary, The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows, at Common Grounds, Waco, TX
The travel napkin today is the paper towel that serve as napkins here.
To read about the coincidence that followed meeting Hilary, check out Part Two.

Drawing © 2016 by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

Travel Napkin #8 – Sleep is Overrated


I am down in Waco, Texas at the Baylor University homecoming.  Our daughter, Caitlin, is a typical sleep-deprived, coffee-infused college student.  Not enough time, too many obligations. Everything is hard and will end in certain disaster.  Except it never does.

I really think college is much less about learning stuff and much more about learning yourself and your limits, and how many times you can go over that limit and still survive.  So far, so good for Caitlin.

Drawing by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

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