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What She Wants – Travel Napkin

On the road in Texas thinking about beauty and goodness, selfishness and altruism.   How do you balance the tension between the two? Does one even need to worry about it? Like this:Like Loading…

Food for Thought- Travel Napkin

Maybe my last Guest napkin from Waco since Caitlin is graduating this year. And later, when I went on my photo shoot I found this grave marker: I thought it was pretty OMG! Like this:Like Loading…

The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows – Part 2

  I came down to the dining area at the hotel in Waco.  I saw a young woman with great, fun, spikey hair sitting down with someone who looked like her mother and a friend. I went and found a guest napkin & drew them.  The mother had copper eyeshadow, and I love copper eyeshadow […]

The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows – Part One

  The Girl with the Wonderful Eyebrows by NapkinDad   Today I am in Waco, Texas visiting my daughter.  I am hanging out at Common Grounds, a coffee spot right off the Baylor campus.  I am watching the parade of students come in, order their drinks and go back out to their next class.  The […]

Travel Napkin #8 – Sleep is Overrated

  I am down in Waco, Texas at the Baylor University homecoming.  Our daughter, Caitlin, is a typical sleep-deprived, coffee-infused college student.  Not enough time, too many obligations. Everything is hard and will end in certain disaster.  Except it never does. I really think college is much less about learning stuff and much more about […]

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