The Opportunity to Play the Game – Olympics #3

Olympics Series – #3

The Opportunity to play


I watched a lot of the American Olympic trials that were broadcast about a month before the games.  They are really more heartbreaking to me than the Olympics.  If you are at the Olympics, the heartbreak is falling short there.  But if you fall short at the trials, you watch the Olympics at home on TV like the rest of us.  For some, it’s disappointing, but they have been to the Olympics in years past and won something.  But for those who don’t get there the first time, and perhaps will now never get there, it is not just disappointing, it’s depressing.  

What they need, even more than some of the Olympians, is Olympic size courage. Courage to lay down one dream gently and pick up a new one, one for which they might not even know where to start looking. 

I admire greatly those who don’t make it after trying with all their might.  I always feel for them but I also always root them on to find a new dream.


Drawing by Marty Coleman, who has never been to the Olympics.

Quote by Mike Singletary

The Trial of Good Fortune – updated 2017

Lucky you, day 2 in my Luck series!

You know why sports heroes always sound so humble when they win the big game? Because they are well-mannered, that’s why. They know how they have felt in the past when they have lost and the winners have rubbed it in their faces. They know what a lack of character it shows. I know it might seem like such a cliche, but the truth is most sports figures know how lucky they are to be where they are. To win the big game they know that no matter how great one throw or one defensive move was, it wasn’t JUST that moment that really won the game.

What luck have you had in life? Have you been grateful, understanding the plethora of people who made it happen beyond your own control, or are you filled with your own self importance, the self-made man or woman who did it on their own! I don’t mean to diss the self-made person, but understanding how good fortune really works should always leave a person with some humility.
Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman
“One is never more on trial than in the moment of excessive good fortune.” – Quote by Lew Wallace, 1827-1905, Union General, American Civil War and Author of ‘Ben Hur’

The Unwinnable Battle – updated 2017

Day 4 in the feminism series.

This isn’t about cliche feminism, it’s about facing reality and oneself, no matter your gender. It’s about real feminism, the feminism of equality and differences co-existing in an atmosphere of forgiveness, understanding, admitting wrong, working sincerely for equality, examining self & society and taking responsibility for your part.

Those things are the signs of victory for both sides.

And enjoying each other, don’t forget that!

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman

“Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s just too much fraternizing with the enemy.” – Henry Kissinger, 1923-not dead yet, German born American Diplomat

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