We are getting into contemporary artists now and we also are moving away from painting and drawing.  Here is one of the artists that most inspire me and keep me looking for joy and wonder in the world, Andy Goldsworthy.


Andy Goldsworthy – Dandelions and Hole

Goldsworthy is a British artist who works exclusively with nature and natural elements.  He explores his environment and takes from it, creating all his pieces using only what the environment provides. That includes the binding elements that keep the pieces together. Usually those binding elements consist of stems, ice, grass, or just gravity.


Andy Goldsworthy – Boulder Covered in Green and Yellow leaves

Here is what it’s all about for me:  One of my favorite joys in the world is turning the corner in life and discovering the unexpected before me. It might be a woman with a cool hat, it might be a funny looking stick on the ground, it doesn’t really matter. I just love the joy I feel at that moment.  Can you imagine taking a walk in the forest and seeing this at the edge of a creek without knowing it was there? Not knowing how it could exist? Goldsworthy takes me to that place artistically more than any other artist.  His pieces can be happened upon by unsuspecting folk.  It’s the most elemental of artmaking and I love that.


Andy Goldsworthy – Gold Banded Tree


Andy Goldsworthy – Stone Circle Gray



Goldsworthy – Rocks and Sticks



Andy Goldsworthy – Green to Yellow Leaves


goldsworthy_stone and tree

Andy Goldsworthy – Stone and Tree



Andy Goldsworthy – Winding Wall in Winter



Andy Goldsworthy – Pink Wall

His output is extraordinary.  I have only seen one of his pieces in person and that was with my daughter Rebekah at the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C.


Andy Goldsworthy – Roof

His work is ephemeral in that none of it is built to last.  The pieces either float away, melt, disintegrate, fall down or otherwise go away.  His museum installations aren’t permanent either. If you would like to see more of his work the best way is to get his books, he has published many. I have the book called ‘Stone’ and it’s beautiful. He has a movie you can find online or on Netflix called ‘Rivers and Tides’ that is well worth watching.



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